On November 7th, 2015 Orion and his wife Lisa held the very fitness class at Kingwood Town Center Park. Despite all of the promotion that Orion and Lisa did a couple of weeks leading up to grand opening, no one came to class that day. Orion and Lisa still held class, even though it was just the two of them.

Orion stayed determined and continued to hold class every Saturday morning outside at the park even though it was just him most of the time and his wife showed up when they had a babysitter to join him in a workout. After a couple of months a couple of clients showed up to class. Eventually they started bringing their friends to class as well. Over the next couple of years Orion’s Fitness started adding more classes to the schedule and hired a couple of instructors to help teach classes.

In 2019 Orion’s Fitness moved into Kid’s in Action’s gym and was no longer an outdoors only class. The preschool had a big open gym floor in the back of the building that Orion’s Fitness leased space before and after school hours.

Orion Kester

In the middle of 2019 Orion’s Fitness received an opportunity to teach a Sit and Be Fit class at a retirement community in Kingwood called Watercrest. Before this opportunity we didn’t even know that retirement communities were using fitness companies to teach classes, but we instantly fell in love with the residents, and we knew that this was what we wanted to do. We wanted to spread our passion and love of exercise and movement to as many seniors and communities that we possibly could. We started expanding into a couple more communities in the NE Houston area and then COVID struck and paused our expansion for a couple of years. In 2022 when COVID restrictions started to lift, we started our expansion again throughout the SouthEast Texas region. Today, Orion and his team envision holding classes at Retirement Communities, Assisted Living Facilities, Independent Living Facilities, and Memory Care Centers throughout the nation.

We absolutely love teaching a wide variety of classes to seniors, we truly believe that exercise and movement is vital to their health and well-being. They want to enjoy their retirement and we feel that our classes help them live life to the fullest. Regular exercise helps keep them active, mobile, and independent. Exercising in a group setting also helps with depression and loneliness. It gets them out of their rooms and gives them a chance to socialize and have fun with other residents in their community.

Though we no longer teach classes at Kid’s in Action, Kingwood anymore, we are 100% committed to growing and expanding our reach into as many senior living communities throughout the nation as possible. Won’t you take a minute and reach out to us here to find out how your facility can be a part of our growing family.

We Can Help Them UNLOCK Their Full Potential And Achieve Their Goals.

At Orion’s Fitness we are geared toward helping your residents gain strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance through our wide variety of fitness classes.

Group Classes

We offer a full range of classes for your residents. From Water Aerobics to Sit and Be Fit classes and everything in-between. You can find exactly what you’re looking for when Orion’s Fitness is a part of your residents daily lives.

“Orion’s Fitness has made the process of finding a certified and experienced fitness instructor for my residents flawless. The instructors are knowledgeable, courteous and have safely pushed our residents to get the most out our exercise classes! I would highly recommend Orion to anyone looking for fitness instructors!”

– Debra Burton, Watercrest

“We at Kingwood Memory & Assisted Living have enjoyed working with Paul, Robyn, and Cyndi from Orion’s Fitness, in providing fitness classes for our residents twice weekly.”

– Pat, Kingwood Memory Care and Assisted Living

“Orion and his team have been extremely communicative and their services have been stellar. I love the variety they provide in the services, and Robyn has always been the nicest person to our residents. Thank you, Orion!”

– Kenny, Auberge Kingwood

“The Lodge at Pine Creek has been totally satisfied with your services in helping our community focus on great strength and in good spirits in all the various activities and choices. Glad to have you on our list of activities and choices.”

– Lori Luna, The Lodge at Pine Creek